Building Safe Communities

The military prepares for battle before the battle occurs. A police officer wears a bulletproof vest for protection in case he is shot. Our systems are strategic active forms of self-defense, 90% of assaults can be prevented, find out how & protect your family or become a certified trainer.

About Us - Prof of Concept 

In order to provide an effective form of self-defense, we first had to understand the methods of predators, who they are, how they manipulate, groom, lure, coerce, assault, and or abduct.

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Our partners and sponsors

Our aims and the social activities provided by our association are being systematically endangered. Your company name takes pride in the many and varied opportunities we have to offer. Read a short summary on each of our projects here.

International Defeensive Training Systems offers credited on-line courses for those whose schedules do not permit regular class attendance. Use our website to find out more about our learning philosophy and get to know our staff.